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Breeder of AKC Registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies

We are a small family owned breeder of AKC Registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies. We live about 12 miles east of Colville and are a Washington State Licensed Breeder. Our puppies are raised by us, in our home, as part of our family and raised with the utmost care and attention. We treat all of our dogs and puppies with nurturing and loving care, which we believe ensures excellent temperaments. Each puppy is well socialized and will arrive to you pre-spoiled.


Cavaliers are adorable puppies that will steal your heart!

With their playful spirit and loving temperaments, these little ones are certain to capture your heart. One look into those beautiful eyes and there’s no turning back! Your sweet little new puppy will arrive well socialized, freshly bathed, vet checked, with a 1 year health guarantee, health certification, started on the potty training process, up to date on immunizations and deworming medications.


Sending puppies to new homes

What is the “perfect” age to send puppies to their new homes? There are many factors and opinions on this topic. Typically, the socialization period for puppies is up to 12 weeks. During this time, they are learning the norms of the world. It is our belief that smaller breeds such as Cavaliers, tend to develop a bit more slowly both mentally and physically and benefit staying with us until closer to 12 week period. Therefore, we prefer to keep our puppies for minimum 10 weeks, prior to leaving for their new homes. Each puppy is unique, with differing personalities and maturity levels. We have had some puppies we are confident would do well leaving home at 8 weeks, and others we feel would be to their benefit keeping until they are 12 weeks. So, this decision is based on a puppy by puppy basis and we can be determined more specifically, by 6 weeks of age.

Information on reserving your puppy!

To reserve your puppy, a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve your puppy until he/she is ready to leave. We take deposits once the puppy is born, and you have seen a picture of the sweet puppy. Full payment is then due 2 weeks prior to delivery or cash when your puppy is picked up/delivered. Puppies range in price according to if you are wanting full or limited AKC registration. Please contact us for prices on our puppies. Full AKC registration with breeding rights may be available to puppies in approved homes.


If we do not have any available puppies, we do keep a waiting list for future litters. You’ll find it is often difficult to obtain a puppy, unless you are on our waiting list.


These puppies are our babies, so they will only be placed in loving and caring homes. We reserve the right to determine which families we allow our puppies to go to. If for any reason we feel as though this puppy would not be a good fit for your family, we will inform you that the puppy will not be able to come to your home, and your deposit will be returned. We’re so thankful for the wonderful families that have one (or more) of our puppies, and we enjoy the friendships we have made. We absolutely love seeing pictures of our sweet puppies and encourage sharing all their wonderful life adventures! We are certain that you’ll fall in love with these sweet puppies!


Thank you for considering us as your breeder. Please contact us with any questions that you may have along the way. The best way to reach us is via email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Suggested products to purchase before new puppy arrives


Crate, bedding for crate, toys, bowl for food and water, harness (as this causes less damage on their trachea than a collar does), leash, puppy food, treats, and puppy pads if you are planning on using them. You may also want to invest in a puppy playpen and/or gates for your young puppy, as these can make having a new puppy so much easier. Having a safe place to keep your puppy if you need to leave the room, helps out very much.

Bringing your new puppy home / Training your new puppy


Often, people ask what is our favorite way to potty train? Our answer to that is using the Crate training method. Some prefer to use only potty pads while they are young, which also works well, especially for small breeds. There are plenty of online resources, literature and even books regarding training.

We strongly suggest you read up on bringing home a new puppy, and the joys and challenges of bringing a new puppy home, before your puppy arrives. This will be an exciting time and there is nothing cuter than a sweet little puppy! He/she has a lot to learn very quickly. There are joys and challenges that come with training a puppy. You’ll want to learn some behaviors that your puppy may exhibit both good and the bad…that way you can nip those naughty puppy behaviors in the bud fairly quickly.


Feeding your new puppy

We don’t suggest giving a young puppy human food, as they aren’t mature enough to process and digest many human foods. Your puppy has only received milk from their momma, puppy food, and water. Also be aware of foods and items that are poisonous or harmful to a dog. Grapes and raisins for example, can be toxic to a puppy and many people are unaware of this.

Our puppies are currently on Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice formula, Shredded Blend,  and they do very well on it. It is:

- Fortified with guaranteed live probiotics to support digestive and immune health
- Chicken is the #1 ingredient
- Contains DHA from omega-rich fish oil, which helps with brain and vision development
- Rich in antioxidants to help support a puppy’s developing immune system
- Calcium, phosphorus and other minerals that help build strong teeth and bones

It is very important that your puppy remains on the brand of puppy food for the first month in their new home, to help prevent tummy upset, as puppies are generally nervous when leaving their siblings and joining a new family. It can be very stressful to the puppy, as he/she joins a new family. All of their surroundings are completely different, mom and littermates are no longer there with them, and even the water tastes different. Puppies can often get stressed for all of these sudden changes in their lives and by feeding the same brand of food, it will make this transition easier for them. If you’d like to switch the puppy to another brand of food, we suggest that you wait for one month and ensure the transition is completed gradually. We provide starter packs of puppy food, with local deliveries. We suggest that you purchase a small bag of this food, prior to receiving your new puppy.

Veterinary Care

Your puppy will also need to be seen by your vet, within 72 hours from picking up your new puppy. Each vet is a little different as far as their recommended vaccination schedule, deworming suggestions and other medications, such as flea/heart worm prevention. Your puppy will arrive with a vaccination record and you will want to take this with you to your first vet appointment. Your puppy will arrive up to date on vaccinations and dewormings per our vet’s protocol. These will need to continue as instructed by your vet. We also caution families to keep their puppies away from areas with lots of other animals (dog parks, pet stores, etc.), until after your puppy has completed their full vaccination series, generally around 4-5 months old. You don’t want to introduce them to germs and possibly devastating diseases before their immune system is prepared for it. By keeping them secluded to your home for the first couple months, you are doing the best thing for them. Friends and family will understand your reasoning for keeping your puppy away from everyone else’s dogs until they have completed their vaccination series. Posting pictures of your adorable puppy on your facebook page, will be the safest way to show off your new puppy to the world.

Delivery and Information

We always prefer for you to pick up your new puppy in person. It is an easier transition and is significantly less stressful for your puppy. If distance is an issue, we’d be happy to make arrangements to meet you at a location with your puppy, within a reasonable distance in Washington/Oregon/Idaho. Delivery service will be available to you at no cost for the first 100 miles Roundtrip. Thereafter, remaining mileage is 50 cents per mile roundtrip. If you prefer to fly to pick up your puppy yourself, the closest airport is Spokane, WA. We can meet you at the airport, a hotel room, or feel free to rent a car and visit our home to pick your puppy up (we are about 1-1/2 hours from airport).

We will not ship a puppy as cargo. However, a flight nanny is a great option. Shipping rates are generally $450-$550, according to the fees set forth by that specific flight nanny. These flight nannies usually fly on standby, meaning that they aren’t guaranteed a seat on a flight and may be required to fly on a separate day entirely. So, you will need to remain flexible with your shipping date and time.

Drop us a line! Email us at: royalgardencavaliers@gmail.com

Should I adopt a Boy or a girl?

These are actual comments from Cavalier owners on the personalities of Boys vs Girls.

I was told when I was looking. Girls love you but boys are in love with you.

Now that I have both, it IS the truth.


I adore our little boy!  He is 11 months old and is always very close by me, no matter what I am doing.  He doesn't lift his leg (yet?) and does not mark, he goes once and then either comes inside or we head off for a walk.  He definitely lets us know what he wants, and talks to us all of the time, but doesn't bark unless there is someone at the door.  He is my first CKC and I couldn't love him more.  My husband chose him because he was the puppy who climbed up on his chest to snuggle.  The others were rolling around the floor playing with each other.  Our guy loves to play fetch and will fetch for as long as we will throw the ball, and he is a snuggly bundle of love.

My vote is males...I have my stud as our house dog actually and he is AMAZING! doesn't bark or mark his territory in our house. He's the best. My females are also awesome but our male is more in tune with us.

Easy answer! You’ll love either sex. You’ll be hooked no matter what. I have both and they are simply the best, no matter. Go with the one you love the most! And welcome to the family.

Male all the Way. My Vet says my Boy is the sweetest dog he has ever had as a patient.

We had a Male and he was a snuggle bug to us both, never barked unless we said to. lol sweetest dog ever

We have had both and right now we have 2 of the sweetest and most loving males you ever did see. We love the breed.  We love our boys!

I have one of each. Our boy is 10 and our girl is 6. Both are wonderful. My girl follows me everywhere and shares my pillow. She sits on me or next to me (touching). Our boy comes and gets love and goes off on his own. My boy is more socially outgoing with strangers. I think you really have to look at the dog. Maybe you should get one of each???

I have two boys, very much on purpose. They are delightfully adorable, don't bark much, and aren't hyper.... temperament of parents tells a lot!!

After breeding cavaliers for 20 years, I can tell you the boys make the best pets.  They WANT to please you.  They are so sweet and loving.  You can't go wrong with a boy.  The amount of barking they do is not caused by sex.  Everyone is an individual, however, if they have barky parents, they will be more likely to also spend alot of time voicing their opinions.

My male is the talker of the group. He tells me what's wrong and takes me to it. I am a talker, to them and I am high energy. So that plays into my male barking. Our Ruby fusses at me in the mornings when I am not fixing their food fast enough. I have two males and a female. 9 weeks old to 1 year. All strong willed, all very active, don’t notice a lot of difference. All 3 very trainable. Of the five previous Cavaliers, one female and one male were soulmate dogs. I would go with the one who connected with me best.

I have a female and she is the most loving sweet girl. I cant imagine a male loving me more. She dosen't bark and loves snuggling.

I've never understood people's preference for a female cavalier. I keep saying that if I could run a breeding program with just boys I would lol. They are incredibly sweet and laid back. I find they are definitely more into pleasing you. I think the parents temperament does play into it.

I have a girl, she is obsessed with me. Absolutely obsessed. Follows me everywhere. Great with our young kids. Never barks, maybe once every few days, only at doorbell or at her reflection in a mirror or door. I always wanted a girl, but I am a girl, and I never really even thought about it. Just knew we wanted a girl. Never even considered a boy. We hope/plan to get another girl soon. If you don't have a preference, maybe just go with personality, and set gender aside?

We have two 8 month old girls. They are the sweetest cuddliest gals around. They follow me everywhere and sit and wait for me if I leave. We have never had Cavaliers before, but we feel blessed to have found our breeder and our gals. We didn’t want a boy because of what we have heard about them lifting their leg to potty, marking their territory and what we have seen of them jumping on our gals. We may be clueless about how factual that is and have never had a male dog of any kind, but we chose gals and have no regrets!

We have one male and we have 2 female Cavaliers. My male is 11. He was our first Cavalier.  Pure love bug. Fell in love with me and is still my boy. The females are all in love with Daddy. The females like for me to do certain things.  I am the nurturer. And a lap to sleep on. I am an artist so at least 2 can be found laying on a pillow on my lap with me working away. I love our females...

I have a 2 yr old boy and a 4 yr old girl. They both bark equally and are both cuddlers.

I have 2 boys. Freddie is 1.5 yr old never barks and very affectionate and cuddly. Lucky is 6 months old and barks his head off. Not as cuddly as his buddy, but wants to be right there by his side.

I honestly believe that each dog has different personalities just like people. Once the male dog is neutered it calms him down. Before I started breeding, male dogs were some of my best dogs. I would definitely not shy away from male dogs. Sometimes I think female dogs may be a little more submissive. If you like the temperament of the dogs I would definitely feel secure in purchasing the male dog. That’s just my opinion. I hope that helps you out.

I personally have a male & my best friend had his sister. I lucked out and got the mellower of the two.  He is very food motivated (boys and food - big shocker). But he is the sweetest most tolerant little thing. He will let anyone do anything to him and never cares. He was a little stubborn with potty training but has been great since. Kennel trained well. Does wonderful with kids. Brushing. Bathing. Blowdrying. Nails. Etc.

His sister has a bit more attitude. She loves to snuggle and is still very sweet but bouncing off the wall with wanting to go all the time. They're 3 years now and still the same. My boy will sleep and be lazy all day if he can or he will go on walks. He just wants to be and make everyone happy.

Ive worked with dogs for years.  The males seem to be more patient and just go with the flow of everything overall.  The females are still super set but love to move. Wiggle. And keep going.

I have three males and one female. The female is our escape artist, fastest runner, a huntress, completely the family protector, aggressive towards other dogs. Our males are totally laid back.

I got a Male puppy who is now 9 months old and he is a LOVE SPONGE.  He is my shadow and has the best personality.

So far my baby boy has been amazing. We are so in love with him. I actually lucked out because the person before decided on the female even though she loved his markings.

The common saying is that the females will love you, but the boys will be in love with you.

I've got a male, and so far he's living up to it. He's a literal Velcro dog. Always snuggling, unless he's playing. He doesn't bark much, and since we've been on him about his potty training we haven't had any issues related to marking indoors and he's almost a year.

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