Royal Garden Cavaliers

(Sweet Charlie Strawberry)

Welcome to royal garden cavaliers

We live about 35 minutes south of Tri- Cities in Washington, and we just love our Cavaliers. They live with us in our home and they play all day long, running in and out of our door to our beautiful fenced back yard with 1200 square feet of artificial grass to play on.


It is important to have a fenced yard or keep them on a leash when outside. They will chase anything... butterfiles, bees, birds, anything that floats or moves in the air.


Cavaliers originated from the United Kingdom in the last half of the 1600's by King Charles II. They are very sweet and egar to please their human families, and come in four color combinations:


Blenheim: Chestnut markings on a pearly white background. In some dogs there is a chestnut spot in the middle of the forehead. This is called the Blenheim Spot, also known as the mark of the "Duchess Thumb Print". It is based on the legend that Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough while awaiting news of her husband's safe return from the Battle of Blenheim, pressed the head of an expecting dam with her thumb, resulting in five puppies bearing the lucky mark. This "Thumb Print" is very desirable. Our Autumn is blessed with this marking.


Black and Tan Cavaliers are referred to as "King Charles". There should not be any white in their coats, which is considered a fault under the AKC confirmation show rules.


Ruby Cavaliers should be entirely chestnut all over. If a ruby has white in their coats, it is undesirable like the Black and Tan Cavaliers.


Tricolor is the fourth recognized color. They are black and white with tan markings on the cheeks, inside the ears, on the eyebrows, inside the legs, and the underside of the tail. The Tricolor is referred to as "Prince Charles".




All of our dogs take regular visits to our local vet. Breeding age dogs are all OFA cleared for heart and eyes.


Our goal is to raise healthy puppies for loving homes. All necessary shots and worming will be completed before puppies go to their new home.  We only allow our puppies to go to families that are able to care for them properly and give them the love that they deserve.



Contact us for details and prices.